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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 23,2012

Hello :)  Today is my Mom's birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!  I miss not able to spend it with her but if everything works out we will be moving back home to Virginia soon. We moved to Indiana a little over a year ago because where I work was bought out and they offered me a job here in Indiana so I took it and while I like my job I miss home so much and so does my daughter so my contract is up in December and when our lease is up on our apartment in May we are moving back to Virginia which is really scary for me because I will have no job and I have not been out of a job since I was 19. But I would rather be home : )  There is no place like home!!

Here is my latest scrapbook page Day 13 of my 30 day challenge . 

We also had a bad storm here Friday night and I took a pic of the hail on our back porch. 


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